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Scale your business to operate across countries, with simplified roaming through our cloud-powered intuitive global IoT sim cards that lie at the heart of every IoT application. We help companies grow, through dynamic and seamless integration, with limitless connectivity, untangled & uncluttered, anywhere in the world.

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Our IoT sim cards offer unparalleled coverage across global networks to offer unified connectivity. The cloud-based platform enables you to achieve better native integrations, extended data security and simpler business operations.

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The only IoT sim card you'll
ever need

The only IoT sim card you'll ever need

Global Coverage

Gain total control over the UV IoT SIM Cards and automatically switch networks to give you the best coverage across 343+ carriers in more than 174 countries.

Low Monthly Base Fee

Depending on the number of active SIM Cards on your account, pay as little as 50c per month for the base rate of your SIMs, then just pay as you go for the data.

No Data Rounding

One thing to look out for when it comes to IoT data plans is data rounding. With the UV SIM Cards, we don’t round up the kilobyte, so you pay for what you use.

Automatic Price Discounts

No need for negotiations, and lock-in contracts to get a better price per megabyte. As your business grows, you will be rewarded with a scaling discount for our SIM cards.

Powerful Dashboard

Control every aspect of your devices SIM cards, with 1-click device activations, reporting, alerts, and more through an intuitive dashboard that our team will love.

API Integrations

Use our native API to program your SIM cards connectivity operations, from changing SIM status, tracking data consumption, to sending commands to devices.

Easy to manage dashboard

Boost business by engaging with your teams across the globe in real-time, save more time and money, visualise daily operations and utilise actionable intel to implement and realise growth.

1-Click Sim Activation

Hassle-free activation of your global sim in no time.

SMS Commands

Effective communication that doesn’t miss a beat.

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Future-proofed sim cards

The UV SIM card is tailored keeping your business in mind. Enjoy the widest coverage globally without the hassle of switching over multiple carriers.

2G, 3G, 4G & CAT-M1

Global coverage made simple with a single click.

No Network Steering

Quick switching promises uninterrupted connectivity.

Single universal sim module

Our UV sim cards follow the universal standardisation system implemented and adopted globally which allows every IoT device ever produced to contain identical hardware and SIM combination, irrespective of the country or a geo-economic zone where it is deployed.

SIM Management

Manage all your IoT SIMs through one dashboard.

Usage Reporting

Get insights about data usage across IoT devices.

Universal - IoT - SIM - Card

Fully documented API

Our completely blended API allows you to streamline integrations with ease by having more control.

End-to-end clarity in data that helps you build better IoT applications that serve a plethora of business operations.

Collaboratively manage and automate your native processes to boost productivity and efficiency in real-time for your SIM cards.

					const accountSid = process.env.UVSIM_ACCOUNT_SID;
const authToken = process.env.UVSIM_AUTH_TOKEN;
const client = require('uvsim')(accountSid, authToken);

                  iccid: '89883070000123456789',
                  registrationCode: 'H3LL0W0RLD'
               .then(sim => console.log(sim.sid));

What are IoT SIM Cards?

Subscriber identity modules, better known as SIM cards, are small chips that can be inserted into devices such as smartphones and tablets so they may interface with a cellular network. These mini marvels have also become integral in the Internet of Things (IoT) for commercial usages like tracking, monitoring, and managing remote gadgets.

In order to boost productivity and minimize downtime, the industrial sector makes use of IoT sim cards. These advanced cards provide a connection between machinery, vehicles, and other equipment with the internet. For instance, construction companies can monitor their vehicle locations as well as heavy machinery by using these cards while manufacturing businesses may observe production line performance through them too. By utilizing IoT sims for machine-to-machine communication needs, corporations are able to take advantage of improved efficiency over manual operations.

Logistics is one sector that’s seen extensive utilization of IoT sim cards. They are used in containers, pallets and freight to monitor their position as well as the conditions they’re subject to – such as temperature and humidity levels inside a container. This helps guarantee secure transit while allowing for more efficient supply chain management via GPS monitoring capabilities of the sim card technology.

IoT sim cards have the power to revolutionize agriculture. By connecting sensors, drones and other devices to the internet with these sim cards, farms are able to gain access to crucial data like soil moisture levels, temperature readings and overall crop health. This information can be used by farmers as a strategic tool in order to maximize their yields while minimizing water usage at the same time – resulting in more efficient farming practices that benefit both our environment and economy alike!

With a dedicated IoT sim card platform, companies have the power to view and monitor their connected devices with ease. Through an accessible web-based interface, they can watch device statuses, track locations and distribute software upgrades – all from wherever they are! What’s more is that many of these platforms offer customizable plans suited to any number of data or devices required by the company. This way there are no surprises when it comes time for payment; you get exactly what you need without spending money on excess services.

IoT devices that are associated with delicate information must be secured against potential hackers and other cyber threats – this is where IoT sim card platforms prove their value. They provide multiple built-in security features like encryption, VPNs, and firewalls to guarantee your data remains safe at all times. Taking complete advantage of these safety measures will ensure the long-term viability of connected devices via a secure environment for the life cycle of your project.

Ultimately, IoT sim cards are proving to be a valuable asset in countless business scenarios and settings. Through remote monitoring and control capabilities along with the security features of dedicated IoT sim card solutions, companies can experience increased efficiency, better operations management, and other advantageous benefits that come from integrating this technology into their organizational infrastructure.

The advent of IoT technology is driving an increasing number of companies to utilize IoT SIM cards in order to attain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Gain Total Control Of Your Data Costs

Better visibility and absolute control through automated dashboards that make native operations simplified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cellular technology has global range in terms of availability. The network is also GSMA certified for better security. This technology also allows you to connect to towers easily when within range. Also, cellular connectivity offers better price control and superior customer satisfaction. 

If you are a business, there are several things to consider prior to taking the plunge which include availability of networks in a country or a zone where the assets are deployed. Also, what are the monthly charges required for data connectivity including the type of control your business has over the data and the sim cards in use.

Roaming via cellular connectivity promises global coverage. A global sim allows you to connect the device/asset to any data network within the operational country.

Our global sim cards enjoy uninterrupted and extended coverage in more than 174 countries across the globe.

With Ultraviolet, you only pay for the data you use. Our monthly billed plans come with no lock-in contracts which can be cancelled at any time. Our supported payment methods include PayPal, credit cards and online payment portals.