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The UV SIM card comes in a variety of options to nurture your requirement for global connectivity, untangled & uninterrupted. Just pick a data plan, choose the type of global SIM your business requires & leave the rest to us.

Powered Network Connectivity

One SIM to rule them all

Get the very best of cellular connectivity for all your IoT enabled devices, worldwide without the hassle of switching sims through OTA carrier swapping automation. 

1-Click Sim Activation

Hassle-free activation of your global sim in no time.

SIM Management

Manage all your SIMs through a unified UV dashboard.

Easy to manage dashboard

Boost business by engaging with your teams across the globe in real-time, save more time and money, visualise daily operations and utilise actionable intel with ease.

Automated Alerts

Setup custom alerts & notifications for visisbility.

Real-time Monitoring

Never miss a beat with 24/7 x 365-day monitoring.

UV Dashboard - 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

With UV sim, rest assured that there are no hidden costs courtesy our fair pricing policy which helps your business grow, untangled.

Yes, switching between telecom carriers is simple and effortless when your business opts for a UV sim.

Ultraviolet provides global coverage through 2G, 3G, 4G & CAT-M1 networks in over 174+ countries across the world.

Yes, roaming guarantees global connectivity, with no networks drops or discontinuity in data transmissions across all your IoT devices.

The core difference that sets an eSIM & standard SIM apart is the ability of the eSIM to host and hold multiple telecom networks without the hassle of switching sim cards on an IoT device, based on its current location.