Unified IoT Dashboard

Boost business by engaging with your teams across the globe in real-time, save more time and money, visualise daily operations and utilise actionable intel to implement and realise growth. Gain complete visibility, generate powerful data insights and present actionable reports that help your business propel forward.

A single dashboard for complete
IoT device management

Reports & Alerts

Receive alerts and notifications right on your dashboard from all your IoT devices to take immediate action. Generate reports based on data insights to implement changes that help boost your business operations.

Device Management

Apply custom tags, names and identifiers to your IoT devices to organise them better. Have complete control over where, how and when your devices are activated. Control data flow, untangled and effortlessly.

SMS Commands

Effective communication that doesn’t miss a beat. Trigger system changes with a single click across all your selected IoT devices with ease. Gain complete access supported through uninterrupted connectivity.

Intuitive actionable insights

Receive alerts and notifications right on your dashboard from all your IoT devices to take immediate action.

Automated Alerts

Setup custom alerts & notifications for visibility.

Active Monitoring

Never miss a beat with 24/7 x 365-day monitoring.

IoT SIM Insights

Complete control & visibility

Have complete control by understanding where, when and how your IoT devices are being utilised, round the clock, anywhere and everywhere.

Extended Coverage

Global coverage made simple with a single click.

No Network Steering

Quick switching promises uninterrupted connectivity.

The only IoT sim card you'll
ever need

Global Coverage

Gain total control over the UV SIMs and automatically switch networks to give you the best coverage across 343+ carriers in more than 174 countries.

Low Monthly Base Fee

Depending on the number of active SIMs on your account, pay as little as 50c per month for the base rate of your SIMs, then just pay as you go for data.

No Data Rounding

One thing to look out for when it comes to IoT data plans is data rounding. With the UV Sim, we don’t round up the kilobyte, so you pay for what you use.

Automatic Price Discounts

No need for negotiations, and lock-in contracts to get a better price per MB. As your business grows, you will be rewarded with a scaling discount.

Powerful Dashboard

Control every aspect of your devices, with 1-click device activations, reporting, alerts, and more through an intuitive dashboard that our team will love.

API Integrations

Use our API to program your connectivity operations, from changing SIM status, tracking data consumption, to sending commands to devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can activate IoT sim card through the UV dashboard or API. Also, we share the access credentials along with UV IoT sims when you book an order with us.

The UV dashboard gives you complete control over a number of things that include overview of SIM statuses, IoT device organisation based on geolocation, data limit settings, usage tracking, network connectivity options and much more.

Once a UV sim is reset via the UV dashboard, any active connections on the SIM will get terminated. Once the reset is complete, the SIM will again start actively searching for the nearest data network until successful. Please note that a SIM reset also resets the API at the network level.

Yes, your IoT device can be easily configured to receive firmware updates via OTA through SMS commands.

Yes, with UV dashboard, accessing your IoT device data is easy and manageable. Through cloud integration, data is generated and rendered in real-time which helps your business boost efficiency and productivity with ease.