IoT Network Coverage Interminable

Our IoT sim cards offer unparalleled coverage across global networks to offer unified connectivity. The cloud-based platform enables you to achieve better native integrations, extended data security and simpler business operations.

13 Networks

61 Networks

87 Networks

Central & South America
63 Networks

North America
11 Networks

110 Networks

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The only IoT sim card you'll
ever need

Global Coverage

Gain total control over the UV SIMs and automatically switch networks to give you the best coverage across 343+ carriers in more than 174 countries.

Scale infinitely with ease

Control every aspect of your devices, with 1-click device activations, reporting, alerting, and much more, in an intuitive dashboard that our team will love.

Automate operations with API

Use our API to program your connectivity operations, from changing SIM status, tracking data consumption, to sending commands to devices.

Control your network quality

Switch effortlessly between multiple network carriers without the hassle of losing connectivity irrespective of the location of your IoT device, every time.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Depending on the number of active SIMs on your account, pay as little as 50c per month for the base rate of your SIMs, then just pay as you go for data.

No data rounding

One thing to look out for when it comes to IoT data plans is data rounding. With the UV Sim, we don’t round up the kilobyte, so you pay for what you use.

Powered Network Connectivity

Powered network connectivity

The UV sim is tailored keeping your business in mind. Enjoy the widest coverage globally without the hassle of switching over multiple carriers.

2G, 3G, 4G & CAT-M1

Global coverage made simple with a single click.

No Network Steering

Quick switching promises uninterrupted connectivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 major connectivity options on offer include; cellular connectivity, low power wide area networks(LPWAN) and short range reach that includes Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi & NFC support.

Both NB-IoT and LTE-M are newer LPWAN technologies erected on top of existing cellular networks and offer extended network coverage and connectivity at lower power consumptions.

Ultraviolet provides global coverage through 2G, 3G, 4G & CAT-M1 networks in over 174+ countries across the world.

Yes, roaming guarantees global connectivity, with no networks drops or discontinuity in data transmissions across all your IoT devices.

With UV sim, rest assured that there are no hidden costs courtesy our fair pricing policy which helps your business grow, untangled.