Industry Solutions

Ultraviolet is powering the most innovative companies across the globe that invest in cutting-edge technology to make life easier. Discover how we at UV collaborate with clientele worldwide to offer feasibility and convenience to customers at a click of a button.

Powering the next generation of IoT industries

Discover how these industries are leading the way by using the latest technology in smart IoT applications and changing the world for the better.


Retail data analytics, inventory management, automated checkout, delivery & dispatch

Fleet Management

Asset tracking, fleet tracking, geofencing, route optimisation, driver behaviour


Health wearables, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, e-consultations


Industrial robotics, smart factory installation, eco-zones, e-waste management

Smart Agriculture

Agrotech, field sensors, climate & weather forecasting, remote crop monitoring

Transport & Logistics

Transport management, cargo monitoring, freight big data, supply chain logistics


Machine learning, autonomous AI, self-driving vehicles, drone systems, nanotech


eScooters, electric bicycles, e-transport, green mobility, eco-freight, shared drive zones

Point Of Sale

Electronic payment gateways, credit cards, automated terminals

Seamless IoT integrations

The amalgamation of your IoT applications with our Ultraviolet universe is simplified through our seamless API integrations that make your business propelled IoT projects a reality.

Fully Documented API

More control through streamlined integrations.

Global Tech Support

Our expertise implies you never run out of solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With UV SIM solution, you can manage and control all your device subscriptions and integrations through robust documentation and extended tech support.

Setting APN is device-centric. Always refer the technical documentation assigned to your device for better understanding.

Our tech is always ready to assist you, round the clock, anywhere in the world. Just leave us an email or contact us on the help centre and we will reach out to you earnestly.

Ultraviolet supports a wide range of industries globally through dynamic integrations and customised solutions for smarter adoption.

We at Ultraviolet offer both traditional SIMs as well as eSIMs for extended coverage and global connectivity. Please visit our online store for more information.