IoT Solutions
For Point Of Sale

Ultraviolet provides flawless coverage for point of sale terminals globally for a pure plug-and-play experience that propels this industry forward. With automated API, the payment terminals can be set up in no time for your business. Join the UV IoT revolution today.

Empowering secure & faster payments
untangled, globally

Global Coverage

Gain total control over the UV SIMs and automatically switch networks to give you the best coverage across 343+ carriers in more than 174 countries.

Low Monthly Base Fee

Depending on the number of active SIMs on your account, pay as little as 50c per month for the base rate of your SIMs, then just pay as you go for data.

No Data Rounding

One thing to look out for when it comes to IoT data plans is data rounding. With the UV Sim, we don’t round up the kilobyte, so you pay for what you use.

Automatic Price Discounts

No need for negotiations, and lock-in contracts to get a better price per MB. As your business grows, you will be rewarded with a scaling discount.

Powerful Dashboard

Control every aspect of your devices, with 1-click device activations, reporting, alerts, and more through an intuitive dashboard that our team will love.

API Integrations

Use our API to program your connectivity operations, from changing SIM status, tracking data consumption, to sending commands to devices.

Single universal sim module

Our UV sim cards follow the universal standardisation system implemented and adopted globally which allows every IoT device ever produced to contain identical hardware and SIM combination, irrespective of the country or a geo-economic zone where it is deployed.

1-Click Sim Activation

Hassle-free activation of your global sim in no time.

SMS Commands

Effective communication that doesn’t miss a beat.

Powered Network Connectivity

Case Studies