How IoT Integration Fuels South32 Mining Sites




July 18, 2021

About South32

The South32 GEMCO site is an open-cut mining operation, producing high-grade manganese ore that is shipped to their Tasmanian manganese alloy plant and around the world. This Groote Eylandt Mining Company operation (GEMCO), is located on an island in the Gulf of Carpentaria off the Australian coast and is currently the largest and lowest-cost manganese ore producer in the world

In 2017, Laura Jeffery, a Reliability Specialist at the South32 GEMCO site contacted Ultraviolet to explore what is possible with IoT SIM powered telematics devices, and how they can help reduce fleet expenses and reduce labour costs by automating manual processes.

The main problem at GEMCO was the vehicles were not properly maintained due to the current maintenance schedule being calendar-based. With the help of Ultraviolet and the GEMCO team, a solution was decided to implement an IoT cellular telematics system into the entire fleet and eventually move to a more accurate engine hours based maintenance schedule.

The Solution

The system implemented at GEMCO was an OBDII plug and play GPS tracking device powered by UV SIM, synced to the Linxio software platform, GPS Fleet Management Solutions provider based out of Australia and integrated with their SAP application.

Since implementing the tracking devices with the UV SIM system, the South32 GEMCO site has showcased the benefits to other South32 which have also adopted similar solutions.

To Summarise...

If you are interested in implementing a cellular IoT system to increase productivity, lower fleet and labour costs, and help you stay compliant, contact one of our experienced product specialists today for an obligation free discovery session where we can showcase the product and talk you through the different options and pricing.