Connected All the Time: All the Basics of IoT SIMs




May 25, 2022
IoT (Internet of things) SIMs are very much like your average SIMs, but with a slight difference: they are remotely manageable.


Most of us use a SIM card to connect our phones to the mobile network. IoT SIMs work the same way, with the inclusion of remote management.

For instance, if your SIM card breaks and you want to control it but you’re not actually physically present, you can do so through an administrative platform (most SIMs come with one). This SIM can also be used on machines that don’t have physical SIMs.


What Does It Mean?

You can’t, for example, track the location of your car through your laptop with a regular SIM, as SIMs for cars usually have to be physically placed in the car.

However, with an IoT SIM, you can do exactly that. You can, for instance, track the location of your car from any place in the world through your laptop.

This type of SIM is also a valuable asset to manufacturers, as remote management and remote tracking of the networked devices can be done through the administrative platform.

Managing these devices through the platform can save money and time. For example, suppose an employee has left the job and still has a device with a regular SIM installed. In that case, you can remotely disable the SIM without physically having to go to the location of the device.

Through the platform, you can block the device from the network, so there is no access to it.

IoT SIMs can also save businesses the hassle of having to replace costly machines and devices, like machines and the like, within the first few months of use. A failure could be caused by an interruption of service and regular SIMs, but with IoT SIMs, you can monitor them remotely, and if there is a problem, you can rectify it before anything serious happens.


Signal Can Be Accessed from Anywhere

The real benefit of IoT SIMs is that your devices are connected all the time. This gives you the flexibility to access your devices through the platform, and monitor the status of your devices all the time, regardless of your location.

This can also be useful for businesses whose staff travel frequently. In this case, the SIM can be remotely changed to a different SIM.

For example, if an employee is on a business trip and you need to check his location, you can do so by changing the SIM with a different SIM on your platform. This gives you access to his location as he is moving from one place to another.


How Durable Are They?

A major concern for businesses and enterprises is how durable this type of SIM is.

As an enterprise, you are probably already aware of how expensive it can be to replace parts and equipment. You don’t want your business to come to a halt because of a faulty SIM.

That said, they are made out of materials that make them tougher than their usual counterparts. More importantly, they are made to withstand changes in temperatures, pressure, and other environmental changes.



Using IoT SIMs is a testament to the many benefits of IoT. It’s only a matter of time before everyone else catches on and starts using it.

While it’s a convenient tool to use, you do need to do your homework before making any decisions. It’s likely you will have a different use for it than other businesses, which means that you have to take time to see if it suits your needs or not.

The best way to do this is to have a look at what others are using it for. If there are others using it in a different or similar way to you, then it’s something worth looking into.

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