Reliable SIM Card Providers: The Key to Business Continuity and Customer Satisfaction




March 1, 2023

Having a reliable SIM card provider is crucial for businesses, particularly those that utilize IoT technology and connectivity to offer their services, require a dependable SIM card provider if they want to succeed.

If a SIM card malfunctions, it can have serious repercussions for any business. Inability to provide continuous service to customers may be the result of such an operational disruption. For instance, if a logistics company’s tracking system fails as the result of an unstable SIM connection, it can lead to delayed deliveries and customer dissatisfaction. Aside from being a hassle, utilizing an inferior SIM card can also lead to revenue loss, brand damage, and customer dissatisfaction. That’s why it’s critical that you select a reliable SIM card provider who offers secure connection and technical support along with proactive monitoring—this will minimize the chances of your SIM failing while ensuring business continuity at all times.

Ultraviolet SIM has taken global deployment into consideration with its IoT SIM cards to ensure maximum redundancy, regardless of the country. Ultraviolet SIM ensures the reliability of its roaming agreements by partnering with true Tier 1 operators. However, the company understands that this cannot be trusted entirely, and to mitigate this risk, they have adopted a multi IMSI approach. This approach allows Ultraviolet SIM to swap between roaming profiles on the SIM, and currently, our IoT Sim cards have four IMSI’s (roaming partners) to ensure the best connectivity possible.

In addition to these features, Ultraviolet SIM stands out from other SIM vendors due to our platform and APIs. The company owns its own mobile core, which means it is not reliant on carrier mobile cores. Furthermore, Ultraviolet SIM has its mobile core deployed across various break out points and data centers in the US, EU, Singapore, and Australia, providing maximum coverage for its customers. The sim has OTA (over-the-air) functionality, which means it can be updated whenever necessary, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and reliable.

Key takeaways

– Feature rich and intuitive dashboards and API

– We own our own mobile core (not reliant on the carriers mobile core)

– We have our mobile core deployed over multi different break out points/Data centres (some servers are in the US, some in EU, Singapore and Australia).

– Our SIM has OTA functionality and we can keep it updated whenever we need to.

Ultraviolet SIM is the most reliable IoT sim solution in the market. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a reliable SIM card provider is crucial for businesses that rely on IoT devices and connectivity to provide their services. A failed SIM can cause significant disruptions to a company’s operations and severely impact their ability to provide continuity of service to their clients.

A bad SIM card can lead to lost revenue, damage to the brand’s reputation, and increased customer churn. For example, if a logistics company’s tracking system fails due to a bad SIM, it can result in delayed deliveries and unhappy customers.

Businesses should look for SIM card providers that offer reliable and secure connectivity, excellent technical support, and proactive monitoring to minimize the risks of SIM failures and ensure business continuity.

Yes, a reliable SIM card provider can help businesses reduce costs by minimizing the risk of SIM failures and associated costs such as downtime, repairs, and replacements.

Ultraviolet SIM offers a reliable IoT sim solution that ensures maximum redundancy and connectivity, regardless of the country. With its multi IMSI approach and OTA functionality, Ultraviolet SIM can offer businesses a secure and cost-effective way to manage their IoT devices and connectivity needs.