How IoT Architecture Helps Your Firm’s Sustainable Growth




July 26, 2022
People now rely more on the Internet. We order food and other essentials online while our kids would do their homework online. We amuse ourselves with online games.

Entrepreneurs and professionals have tapped into this to help their operations and promotion. With that said, experts are tapping into IoT architecture.

IoT (the Internet of Things) is a new phenomenon. It is a system of interrelated devices with individual qualifiers and the capacity to transmit information over a network without human intervention or human-to-computer interaction.   


In other words, it is a platform embedded with sensors, microchips and other computer-based mechanisms that will help collect and share data. As an architect, you might be asking how does IoT architecture work? If so, kindly finish reading this blog


Better Grasp of IoT Architecture


IoT architecture involves sensors, actuators, cloud services, and other factors. For example, your car may have a sensor to help make accurate measurements. All these devices will be interconnected through a network. It can help you save resources, enhance efficiency and productivity, and improve safety.   

IoT architecture is the next step in the world of technology and business. It can help you operate more efficiently while saving more resources. This technology can also help improve safety and security. 

In a business, such technology can help minimize lost time. That is why many business owners are making use of IoT.  In addition, it can help make the world a better place. It will help our environment and promote sustainable development. 

Now that you know the basics of IoT architecture, it is always a good idea to keep tabs on what is happening with the technology. Make sure to invest in it to stay ahead of the curve.



The Different Layers


The Internet of Things (IoT) initially only had three layers, namely:


  1. The Perception Layer
  2. The Network Layer
  3. The Application Layer


However, two more layers were added to allow an in-depth analysis. Instead of the initial setup, it was expanded to a total of five layers allowing the development of the Internet of Things to be made more accessible. These layers are:


  1. Business Layers
  2. Application Layers
  3. Processing Layers
  4. Transport Layers
  5. Perception Layers


How Can You Benefit from This?

The Internet of Things is a new area of commercial exploration and innovation. It is expected to bring several exciting benefits to almost every aspect of our lives.

It has the potential to make up for the shortcomings of the Internet, such as reducing the amount of time wasted on errands, making our everyday lives more efficient and helping us to reduce overall carbon emissions by lowering our dependence on vehicles and other resources. Before you take the plunge, you will want to weigh the advantages of IoT architecture vs stability and reliability.



The Internet of Things is the next step in technology and is expected to change the world quickly. You cannot afford to ignore it. If you choose to invest in it, do a lot of research.

 Kindly note that this technology is expected to be the next step for the Internet, allowing us to have a more connected and efficient network of devices. IoT architecture can give us more benefits and help us in the following ways: better security, improved safety, more efficient business and more.


You can expand your operations by asking Ultraviolet to incorporate IoT architecture in your network. We will be your stepping stone to your firm’s growth, so contact us now for more information!